4. add to ListView

This only needs to be done in VtigerCRM 5.40!
It works out of the box in 6.x.

You could show your color settings inside ListView with some limitations.
You have to insert a snippet into one vTigerCRM core sourcefile, because with basic functions, the extension couldn’t interact with the ListView.

If you don't use vtigerCRM in english, you have to check the last part.

vtigerCRM < 5.4

1. open /Smarty/templates/ListViewEntries.tpl
2. go to end of File
3. insert before
{include_php file='./modules/Colorizer/ListViewGenerator.php'}
4. Probably you have to clear the directory Smarty/templates_c/

vtigerCRM 5.40

1. open /modules/Vtiger/ListView.php
2. search (End of File)
3. insert before
// Changed Stefan Warnat COLORIZER START
// Changed Stefan Warnat COLORIZER ENDE

Changes for vtigerCRM systems not using english

1. open /include/utils/ListViewUtils.php
3. insert after
vtvalue='".strip_tags(str_replace("'", "\\'", $value))."'
4. Open /include/ListView/ListViewController.php
5. search:
6. insert after
vtvalue='".str_replace("'", "\\'", $rawValue)."'

Now the format settings are shown in ListView


  • The Actions don’t work, because there are no blocks to collapse/hide.
  • If you have define complex conditions, the color only will applied, if all columns used in conditions are shown in filter