I'm not responsible for problems you get with your bank after you use this module. You must check every record, before you send them to your bank.

Documentation for the SWPayment module.

At the moment the only function of this module is to generate a valid SEPA Export file to import it into your bank account.
This will allow you to generate mass debit notes or money transfer files from vtiger and allows you to manage bank information of your clients from vtiger.

The module don't provide a mandate management. You need to generate mandate references for your self.
But if you use SEPA you probably already had done this.


If you don't already have fields to store SEPA account information into vtigerCRM Records, you need to create at least the following fields in Organizations or Contacts (or any other module, which should be used):

  • IBAN
  • BIC
  • Account holder
  • Name of bank

The next two fields a necessary to store the SEPA mandate.

  • Mandate reference
  • Date of Mandate

The next field is only necessary if you want to create Debit Notes from Vtiger

  • Debit Note Counter

That's it.

The Debit Note Counter is necessary for Debit Notes, because there are differences between the first debit note of a mandate and the next one you execute for one mandate reference.

Sepa Templates

The module is based on templates you could create for different usage situations.
For example to create one template for debit notes from Contacts and another one from Organizations.

The configuration looks like a complex form, but if you fill it topdown, every single is necessary and should be clear to understand:

It is important to know, SEPA files don't support special chars.
If you encounter problems with this, please contact me on support@redoo-networks.de

You could choose fields from the module directly or from referenced records if you click on the blue button next to the text field.

connected Module

Which module will be exported as SEPA file? (Mostly: Invoice)

template title

The title of the template, which is shown to the users

adapter of the template

Is the template a debit note or a transfer?
There are different structures of the generated xml file:
SWPayment supports at the moment:
pain.008.002.02 - Debit Note
pain.001.002.03 - Credit Transfer

template is active

Should the template be shown in frontend?

export filename

Did you need a special filename or the export? Default is Export-$[Now].xml

There are differences of configurations, depending of the adapter you choose.


Initiating Party

Your name or the name of the company which will collect the money

Debtor IBAN/BIC/Name

The IBAN/BIC/Name of the Debtor

Recipent IBAN/BIC

The IBAN/BIC of the Account, which will receive the money.


A string, which should contain a reference you could directly connect with the record, which will be paid (Invoice No)


A string, which could contain a 140 chars free text


The total Amount of money you want to collect. (For example: $hdnGrandTotal)

mandate reference

The mandate reference of the Debtor

date mandate signed

The date on which the mandate was send to the Debtor

Creditor Identifier

Your Creditor Identifier

Execution date

Which date should be as execution date for the SEPA Debit note.
There are limits, how far this must be. If the date was set to shortly, the module will set it to the next possible date.

Counterfield of mandate usage

Select the field, which should be used as counter how much the mandate reference was used to create Debit notes.


Initiating Party

Your name or the name of the company which will send the money

Your IBAN/BIC/Name

Your, your companies, IBAN/BIC/Name.

Recipient IBAN/BIC/Name

The IBAN/BIC/Holder of the Account, which will receive the money.

Transfer Reference

An reference you or the receiver could use to identify the transfer


A string, which could contain a 140 chars free text


The amount of money you want to send

create SEPA XML

After you create the Template you could open the module and will see a “SEPA Export” Block in the Sidebar.

If you open a DetailView of an Invoice, you will only export the current record.
If you are in the ListView you must select the Invoices you want to export.

Here you could also choose the template, which should be used to export.
You could also only export a testfile, which won't increase the Debit Notes Counter or Organizations/Contacts.
This is important if you had mandate references, which will be processed the first time, because EVERY mandate reference needs to get a special handling for its first debit note.